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Wave Ring – Sterling Silver

Feel the rhythm of the ocean with our Wave Ring, a symbol of strength, resilience, and the ever-flowing tide of life. | Only Shipping to Ecuador.


Crafted with intricate detail, its elegant curves capture the beauty of nature’s eternal dance, reminding you to ride the waves of change fearlessly and embrace the endless possibilities that lie ahead.

This Sterling Silver Wave Ring lasts for life. Seriously, we wear it for surfing, swimming in the ocean or swimming pool, going to the gym, and taking a shower. The color remains, it doesnt ink your fingers, and is resistant because it’s thickness.

It’s a perfect gift for making yourself or for someone that loves the ocean or surfing. Everytime you see it will remind you of the beauty and peace of the ocean and that you need to get back to nature and connect with yourself.

Not only stylish, but meaningful.

This product is handmade by an artisan in Ecuador and has been tested for surfers and women from this community over the years. It is an On Demand product, that means you will be shopping consciously and avoiding overproduction, because is made specially for you the moment you order it.

Material: Sterling Silver

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