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empowering Women's surf enthusiasts and ocean lovers with curated clothing and accessories!

Why choose us?

By choosing our store, you're not just acquiring the latest trendy women's surf clothing; you're also lending your support to a small business. We want to express our heartfelt gratitude to you from all of us at Sirenas INC!

Curated Products

Immerse yourself in a world of premium and thoughtfully curated products for women that love surfing and the ocean.


With our commitment to sustainability, each product is created on demand, minimizing waste and ensuring you receive quality surf gear.

Surf-Inspired Aesthetics

Capture the essence of surf culture with our stylish offerings designed for those who embrace the surf lifestyle.

Quality & durability

Uncompromising quality for an exceptional experience that las more than one season.


Each item is thoughtfully crafted to minimize environmental impact, allowing you to ride the waves with a clear conscience.

support small businesses

Join us in celebrating authenticity, innovation, and the personal touch that comes with supporting small businesses.

Our Favorite
women's surf clothing

Dive into style with our handpicked collection of women’s surf clothing & accessoriesโ€“ a curated blend of fashion and functionality tailored for the adventurous spirit in you.

“Creating stylish women’s surf clothing is an art, and the designers at this brand are surfers like you. If you’re looking to blend into the tranquil waves with fashionable surf attire, this is the brand for you”.

Iva Riffel

Founder, Sirenas Inc.

What sets us apart?

100% surf passionate

Our women's surf clothing and accessories are more than just products; they're tales of sun, sea, and laughter.

Tested by surfers and ocean enthusiasts, our collection is inspired by amusing surf stories. Beyond style, we prioritize functionality, ensuring each piece endures the waves and stands the test of time.

Choose gear that's not only trendy but a part of the surfing narrative, crafted for lasting experiences.

woman riding a green wave on a sunset
happy girl smiling with a longboard in the sunset hour wearing women's surf clothing

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